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 Unofficiated Tournament

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PostSubject: Unofficiated Tournament   Sun Dec 30, 2007 2:54 am

There has been a tournament announced, and it is being hosted by Lucifer. It is unoffical, and has an unknown prize. This statement has been recorded:

Ladies, Gentalmen, and all other creatures. I, Lucifer, will be hosting a special tournament against the orders of the Interworld Kingdom. This tournament will be open to all, and will have very few rules.
Rule 1: No evil creatures or people can be killed.
Rule 2: Only evil creatures and people can use abilities or traits.
Rule 3: Hell is not responsible for the loss of good creatures or peoples lives.
Rule 4: Anyone who trys to stop the tournament will have there powers immediatly sealed and will be killed.
There will be a grand prize for the winner. That is all for now.

I strongly advise that only evil participate, and that we ignore this tournament. A special forces team is already on there way to stop it, against the Queens orders to ignore it. Lets hope they don't die.

Zach Weeks
One of the Interworld Gatekeepers, and collector of rare and legendary items/monsters.
Owner of this site and Team Zeo
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Unofficiated Tournament
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