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 Rare Items

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PostSubject: Rare Items   Rare Items Icon_minitimeMon Jan 29, 2007 2:32 pm

Rare Items
7th Heaven
Alchemist Blade
Altamillia Sword
Ancient Sword
Atmos Blade
Azirath Masamune
Black Pearl Sword
Blue Light Saber
Carnax Blade
Dark Cloud
D.D. Sword
DG-Cell Sword
El Cid Sword
Energy Blade II
Energy Sword II
Fenrir Sword
Frogzard Sword
Green Light Saber
Guardian Sword
Gun Blade
Heaven’s Cloud
Hell Blade II
Key Blade
King’s Sword
Legend Sword
Mammoth’s Fang
Masamune 100
Materia Blade
Moon Saber
Moon Sword
Mythril Blade
Mythril Brand
Mythril Epee
Mythril Saber
Mythril Sword
Oblivion Dragon Sword
Omni Blade
Philosopher’s Sword
Phoenix Blade
Phoenix Sword
Pink Light Saber
Purple Light Saber
Red Light Saber
Rune Blade
Rune Sword
Rune Tooth
Runic Blade
Save the Queen
Serpent Sword
Shibatto Sword
Siren’s Song
Sorcery Sword
Spirit Sword
Sun Sword
Sword of Oblivion
Sword of Zeus
Time Blade
Time Reaver
Time Sword
Transcendent Sword
Ultima Sword
Ultima Weapon
Vampire Blade
White Sword
Wise Owl Sword
Zodiac Sword
Lotus Mace
Mythril Mace
Serpent Yo-Yo (8)
Minataur’s Axe
Rune Axe
Cats Blades
Diablo Blade
Hell’s Gate
Moon Knife
Mythril Dagger
Mythril Knife
Raunzel Dagger
Sin of Hades
Tiger King
Time Blade
Vampire Blade
Mythril Rapier
Adept’s Staff
Ancient Staff
Judgment Staff
Mace of Zeus
Mythril Staff
Nirvana Staff
Rune Staff
Secret Staff
Staff of Moon Calling
Staff of Time
Xuric’s Shockstaff
Bunny Scepter
Divine Rod
Glass Eye Scepter
Mythril Rod
Princess Rod
Rod of Doom
Rod of Liberty
Rod of Life
Rod of the Evil Eye
Whale Whisker
Yin & Yang Staff
Mythril Racket
--Music Items
Mythril Bell
Siren’s Flute
Spirit Flute
Dragoon Laser
Garuru Cannon
Gravity Laser
Mythril Gun
Omnium Rocket Gun
Photonic Blaster
Plasma Launcher
Positron Cannon
Positron Laser
Power Blaster
Proton Phaser
Shadow Phase Gun
Suijin Canon
-- Gauntlets
Atomic Gauntlets
Berserk Arm
Crest Gauntlet
Dragon’s Claws
Fangs of the Wicked
Greymon’s Claws
Mythril Claws
Mythril Gauntlets
Raven Gauntlets
Rune Claws
Soul Stealer Claw
WarGraymon’s Claws
-- Long Arms
Death Scythe
Dragon’s Hair
Dragon Whisker
Eye of Carnax (3)
Hercules’ Wrath
Mythril Javelin
Mythril Lance
Mythril Spear
Odin Lance
Omega Halberd
Sacred Spear
Sacred Trident
Spirit Lance
Ultima Spear
-- Bows
Hades Bow
Mythril Bow
Mythril Shot
Seventh Heaven
Ultimus Bow
-- Books
Alchemy of the Human Soul
Alchemy of the Homunculus Soul
Book of Death
Book of Death: Volume 2
Book of Dragons
Book of Secret Arts
-- Battle Shields
God Pad
-- Forks
Mythril Fork
-- Rings/Armlets
Bracelet of Twilight
Philosopher’s Ring
Philosopher’s Ring (Fake)
Spirit Ring
-- Slingshots
Divine Beast Title
Super Steve
-- Hammers/Clubs
Big Bucks
-- Other
C-3 Explosive
C-4 Explosive
Shippo’s Top
- Armor
-- Armor
Ancient Armor
Armor of Clay
Astral Armor
Carbonite Armor
Dragon Leather
Dragon Mail
Elemental Leather
Genji Armor
Goblin Mail
Leviathan Mail
Masterwork Plate
Matiria Armor
Mystic Chain
Mythril Armor
Mythril Mail
Mythril Mesh
Mythril Plate
Oblivion Dragon Armor
Opal Armor
Phoenix Mail
Scale Armor
Slagwurm Armor
Ultima Armor
-- Clothing
Mythril Dress
Neurok Stealthsuit
-- Robes/Garbs
Alchemist Robe
Ancient Robe
Featherfolk Garb
Lordly Robe
Robe of Deception
Robe of Lords
Seraphic Garb
Valkyrie Garb
-- Cloaks
Ancient Cloak
Cloak of the Salamander
Cloak of Thorns
Reaper Cloak
Runic Cloak
Invisibility Cloak
- Accessories
-- Amulets
Amulet of Kroog
Amulet of Victory
Anti-Death Amulet
Ironization Charm
Lunar Talisman
Talisman of Dominance
-- Gems
Medusa’s Eye (2)
Oricalcos Shard
Sage’s Stone
Sand Ruby
-- Gloves
Genji Armlets
Goblin Gloves
-- Foot Gears
Goblin Boots
-- Pendants
Badge of Reflection
Berserker’s Pendant
Philosopher’s Symbol
-- Other
Dark Matter
Philosopher’s Stone
Ultima Stone
Yura’s Hair
-- Hats
Goblin Cap
-- Masks
Nemesis Mask
-- Headbands
Headband of Love
-- Hoods
Jedi Hood
Sith Lord’s Hood
-- Helms
Dragon Helm
Genji Helm
Guardian’s Doom
Helm of the Dark Eye
Hybrid Helm
Oblivion Dragon Helm
Opal Helm
Phoenix Helm
Phoenix Helm
-- Crowns
Crown of Light
King Crown
Princess Tiara
Queen Crown
Royal Crown
Star Crown
Star Tiara
- Shields
-- Shields
Genji Shield
Oblivion Dragon Shield
Opal Shield
Shield of Duty and Reason
Shijin Shield
Time Shield
Winged Shield
-- Recovery
Max Potion
Mega Phoenix
X-Potion 2
Inter-World Championship Trophy
Rank S
-- Special
Clear Bell
Herb of the Moon
Hive Stone
Stone Bowl of Buda
Swallows Quarrel Shell
-- Guild Items
Azorius Signet
Boros Signet
Dimir Signet
Golgari Signet
Grull Signet
Izzet Signet
Orzhov Signet
Rakdos Signet
Selesnya Signet
Simic Signet
-- Keys
Gatehouse Key
World Key
-- Main
S.S. Ticket
-- Stat Booster
Golden Grunty
Rare Candy
Silver Grunty
-- Books
Al Bhed Primer I
Al Bhed Primer II
Al Bhed Primer III
Al Bhed Primer IV
Al Bhed Primer V
Al Bhed Primer VI
Al Bhed Primer VII
Al Bhed Primer VIII
Al Bhed Primer IX
Al Bhed Primer X
Al Bhed Primer XI
Al Bhed Primer XII
Al Bhed Primer XIII
Al Bhed Primer XIV
Al Bhed Primer XV
Al Bhed Primer XVI
Al Bhed Primer XVII
Al Bhed Primer XVIII
Al Bhed Primer XIX
Al Bhed Primer XX
Al Bhed Primer XXI
Al Bhed Primer XXII
Al Bhed Primer XXIII
Al Bhed Primer XXIV
Al Bhed Primer XXV
Al Bhed Primer XXVI
Book of Ryu I
Book of Ryu II
Book of Ryu III
Book of Ryu IV
Book of Ryu V
Book of Ryu VI
Book of Ryu VII
Book of Ryu VIII
-- Balls
Dark Ball
GS Ball
Master Ball
Mewtwo Ball
Rocket Ball
Shadow Ball
-- Ability Teaching
Black Gear
-- Evolution Item
Ancient Data
Champion’s Belt
Crystal Ball
Digi-Egg of Miracles
King’s Rock
Knight’s Title
Metal Coat
-- Badges
El Dorado

Zach Weeks
One of the Interworld Gatekeepers, and collector of rare and legendary items/monsters.
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Rare Items
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