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 The One and Only Supreme/Super God

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Super God Zalmatia
Super God Zalmatia

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PostSubject: The One and Only Supreme/Super God   Sun Aug 23, 2009 4:37 pm

I am a Demonic Super(Supreme) God. My powers are the legendary Satanica Skills of Lucifer's Family. I accended to the status of God before I was sealed, and accended to Super God status after I broke free. I command the Zanpactu, Lucetsu. I usually have the Zanpactu in Yokai state, however i do allow its use from time to time. I am Hell's current and destined ruler. I only uses about 1.5% of my power most of the time. That 1.5% is the power that will be recorded on the rankings. I have the power to destroy and create worlds. More info to come as i see fit.
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The One and Only Supreme/Super God
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