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 The 27 True Runes (incomplete)

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The 27 True Runes (incomplete) Empty
PostSubject: The 27 True Runes (incomplete)   The 27 True Runes (incomplete) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 02, 2007 11:35 am

1.Beast Rune
2.Circle Rune
3.Dragon Rune
4.Gate Rune
•Back Gate Rune
•Front Gate Rune
5.Hachifusa Rune (Eightfold Rune)
6.Moon Rune
7.Night Rune
·Star Rune
8.Rune of Punishment
9.Rune of Life and Death (Soul Eater Rune)
10.Sovereign Rune
11.Sun Rune
•Dawn Rune
•Twilight Rune
12.True Earth Rune
13.True Fire Rune
14.True Lightning Rune
15.True Water Rune
16.True Wind Rune
17.Rune of Beginning
•Black Sword Rune
•Bright Shield Rune
18.Rune of Change

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The 27 True Runes (incomplete)
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