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 New World List

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PostSubject: New World List   Thu Jul 26, 2007 1:42 am

Founding Worlds
Digimon (Digital Shadow)
The World (Shadow World)
Dragon Quest (Shadow Quest)
Duel Masters (Monster Realm)
Final Fantasy (Shadow Fantasy)
Pokemon (Shadowmon)
Yu-Gi-Oh (Shadow Realm)
Zoids (Shadow Zi)
Added Worlds
Cardcaptors (Shadowcaptors)
Code Lyoko (Code Shadow)
Fire Emblem (Shadow Emblem)
Full Metal Alchemist (Shadow Alchemist)
Gundam (Shadow G)
Inuyasha (Feudal Shadow)
Kingdom Hearts (Shadow Hearts)
La Pucelle (La Shadow)
Megaman (Shadowman)
Monster Rancher (Shadow Rancher)
Navia Dratp (Shadow Dratp)
Neon Genesis Evangellion (Shadowgellion)
Sailor Moon (Shadow Moon)
s-CRY-ed (Shadow s-CRY-ed)
Star Ocean (Shadow Ocean)
Star Wars (Shadow Wars)
Sudeki (Shadowdeki)
Suikoden (Shadowkoden)
Tactics Ogre (Shadow Ogre)
Yu Yu Hakusho (Demon Plane)
Zatch Bell (Shadow Bell)
Our Universe (Shadowverse)
Naruto (Shadow-nin)
Magic (Shadow Magic)
Phantasy Star (Shadow Star)
Bleach (Hueco Mundo)
Dragon Ball (Shadow Ball)
The World R:2 (Shadow World R:2)
Dead or Alive (Shadow D.O.A.)
Gokusen (Shadowsen)
Read or Die (Shadow R.O.D.)
Dark Cloud (Shadow Cloud)
Super Sentai (Shadow Sentai)
Blood + (Shadow Blood)
Witch Hunter Robin (Witch Shadow)
Rogue Galaxy (Rouge Shadow)

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New World List
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