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 My Spiritual Capabilities

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My Spiritual Capabilities Empty
PostSubject: My Spiritual Capabilities   My Spiritual Capabilities Icon_minitimeThu Jan 16, 2020 11:50 am

As most of the members of the Kingdom know I was once one of the top 4 most powerful in the Kingdom. However after the Demon God Zalmatia, who was once sealed inside me, was released I lost almost all of my power. I am still quite powerful in many ways and can still defeat many of the top rankers in combat should I need to.

My powers include:
Top Level Spiritual Awareness
Seal Expert
Dark Energy Absorption
Fusion Energy Manipulation
Brand Techniques
Leadership Skills

Zach Weeks
One of the Interworld Gatekeepers, and collector of rare and legendary items/monsters.
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My Spiritual Capabilities
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