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 Power Ranking Accuracy and Updates

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Power Ranking Accuracy and Updates Empty
PostSubject: Power Ranking Accuracy and Updates   Power Ranking Accuracy and Updates Icon_minitimeThu Jan 23, 2020 3:25 am

This post is to address potential concerns about the accuracy of the Power Ranking Charts. Unfortunately power rankings are not an exact science and it is extremely difficult to get 100% accurate readings, especially when there are those who are able to control how much power they are revealing at any given time. Some like to show off their full power at all times and others like to hide like a snake in the grass.

There will be times where the power rankings see major revisions and other times where we will see very little changes. Some may drop off from the top 50 and others may emerge from the lower ranks. Being in position 50 does not mean risk of dropping lower however. Just because someone is in the Top 10 does not mean they are unbeatable by those lower either. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, which these rankings do not take into account. These are just overall power level after all.

Anyone who is a member of the Interworld, past or present, knows all to well that these rankings are not always a true representation of power. And I hope that any future members learns that quickly before they pick a fight lower ranked than themselves.

Zach Weeks
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Power Ranking Accuracy and Updates
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